Father’s day is a tough one. Yeah sure, you can just get him a tie or a world’s best dad’ mug again. But why don’t you make it different this year? buy him something unique, something that’s he will consider the gift of the year? After all, we are talking about that guy who taught you how to tie your shoe laces, build your first kite, how to play catch and most definitely a couple of things on how to become your best self. For sure he deserves none but the best.

Below is a list of gift ideas that will make you turn this year’s father’s day to more than just another game night. Here is a list of wonderful gifts that will make your father think himself the luckiest daddy in the world.


1. A piece of MVMT wrist watch

This makes a great gift for this year’s father’s day if your old man is someone who loves to keep it old school. Born from a love of the timepiece and the need to eliminate all popular makeup by popular brands, then meet MVMT. This watch by itself revolutionized the art of the wristwatch. It’s a leather-clad watch built from very high-quality materials which exude classy exclusive detailing and of course premium quality.

It’s so good that you might be tempted to pick one for yourself when you are at it. Get your old man one and you will have made your old man’s father’s day.1660613_210179192675594_1617439004_n

2. Philips Norelco vacuum beard trimmer

It surely doesn’t hurt having an extra when carryingout facial trims. The Norelco vacuum beard trimmer offers a staggering 20 length different settings optimized for precision, all put in place to make it simple, convenient and enjoyable to use.

It houses a rechargeable battery which runs for an hour at full charge while disconnected from the power cord. This is more than any amount of time you would need to get the thickest beard into control. Get your dad this for this year’s father’s day and you will surely notice the smile it puts on his face.61nPYo5jcbL._SL1300_

3. Dockers new signature khaki with stretch

If your dad is a fashion guy, then you would opt to go with this. Flatter him with this Dockers new signature Khaki with stretch. It features a straight fit all the way from hip to ankle making it comfortable day in day out.

One other great feature that comes with these pants is the no-wrinkle feature, which means that you dad will receive the fresh-pressed look each day he puts them on- no ironing required, no fuss. This is the real deal gift that’s going to make his day the best.


4. Essential EDC kit

If your dad is the nature loving guy: if he loves fishing or spends a great deal of his time out in the wilderness hunting or camping, then there is no comfort that would surpass the Paracord pod EDC kit.

It is an everyday carry tool which any nature loving person would kill for. It houses 16 different essential tools that will make their maneuver outdoors an unforgettable experience. The packaging is stylish and he doesn’t have to worry much about bringing them to whichever occasion they wish.

It is one tool he will have with him at all times.


5. Yves Saint Laurent Sport

No Drakkar Noir for the old man. Get him this fabulous package from Yves Saint Laurent for his great day. Sport has got hints of bergamot and cardamom. It is light yet long-lasting. It’s fragrance that’s summer-appropriate is going to keep him smiling all through the summer season.

It is the perfect to-go-with gift for an athletic dad who likes to maintain style at all times.


6. Klikel Ingrid 8-Piece Whiskey Set

Surprise your old man with this 8-set whiskey set, handcrafted using the traditional methods of glass blowing and cutting. This one will surely blow his mind.

This decanter is perfectly built for that sophisticated dad. You might opt to go an extra mile and get him a drop of his favorite whiskey. Step up the 8-piece whiskey set on his study table in his absence. You will surely make his heart skip. He will love it!li

Make this Father’s day the best he’s ever had. Get him one of the above and you will be glad you did it.