No one will throw wine corks after reading this post
We picked you 13 gorgeous and useful ideas to decor your home with wine corks.
All you need is creativity ( and wine corks of course ).


1. Love Sentence
Dip some of the wine corks in wine for creating this color effects, glue the corks and inspire your home with any Sentence you want
2. Creative Shapes
Create any creative shape with wine corks to inspire your home 11054413_638506646283484_2130852371540861257_o11071150_638506572950158_2433565276621870556_n11174690_638506749616807_1085418641548026743_o
3. Mini Planters
Make holes in the wine corks with Screwdriver and plant your flowers
4. Coasters
Cut the wine corks with a knife into thin circles, glue them together and create creative coasters to put on your tables.11206668_638506556283493_6831838272632050143_o
5.  Candle / wine stand
Create decorative stand for wines or even candles10983175_638506526283496_2206210880071746115_o
6. Decorative  Mat
Great idea to warm your house, cut wine corks and create decorative mat to put in any corner of the house11169670_638506699616812_7232112404092176163_o
7. Plant Markers
Great and simple idea to mark your plants
8. Prevent Scratches 
Cut wine corks into thin circles
Glue them to creaking furniture or any heavy furniture to prevent scratches and abrasion.
What a great idea!
9. Drawer Handles
Replace the old handles with Champagne handles
10. Fridge Magnets
Another great idea to inspire your home ( or your fridge)11143238_638506559616826_7418167766969085643_n
11. Table Top
 Redesign your coffee table
12. Living Room Art Piece
All you need is an old softball, hot glue, and wine corks
13.  Billboard
Got a old picture frame ? why not make it creative billboard for your belongings