There’s a good chance the man in your life is harboring a major addiction to sports. You may not be a fan of his constant Madden playing or his inability to focus on anything else when the game is on, but he’s your guy and you love him, no matter what! This is normal, and it can definitely work to your advantage when you’re stressing over what to gift him this days. Take the easy route and present him with one of these 10 awesome gifts, sure to bring a smile to his face. Not only will he absolutely applaud you for your efforts, but he’ll have something new and shiny to keep him distracted while you’re out and about gallivanting with your girls. It’s a win, win!

Fire TV Stick, $39.99

Make sure your guy is up-to-date with the latest scores by gifting him the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote. It contains a world of apps like ESPN and Fox Sports that will keep him abreast at the latest in the athletics world. Not only will his heart jump for joy with every update, but he’ll be able to keep all eyes on you without worrying about what he’s

Used Football Cufflinks, $200

There are few things hotter than seeing your guy in a suit. Help him incorporate a touch of his favorite team into his look by gifting him these amazingly sleek cufflinks. Made from actual game balls from his favorite team, they are the epitome of luxury as far as sports gear is concerned.


UA Curry Two, $129

Make sure your guy’s shoe game is on point with the UnderAmour Curry Two. Not only is the sleek style a winner for any guy looking to elevate his shoe game, but the brand is known for its performance wear, so he’ll be in good hands, er, feet.160104_US_ADH_CURRY2_CHRGDCUSH

Ion Audio Tailgating Speaker, $149

Tailgating is perhaps one of the most fun aspects of sports for guys. It’s kind of engrained in their DNA. Gift your guy the Ion Wireless Speaker so he can take the party wherever he goes. He’ll be able to stream his favorite music via Bluetooth, and maybe he’ll even serenade you with a few romantic ballads when the game’s over. Here’s hoping!


Rocky: The Undisputed Collection, $69.99

We’ve yet to meet a guy who doesn’t have a slight obsession with Rocky, and for good reason – it’s one of the greatest sports stories ever told. Gift him “Rocky: The Undisputed Collection”, the gift that keeps on giving. The boxed set contains all the goods from the original movie and sequels. He’ll be entertained for hours.


Shwood Louiseville Slugger Shades, $199

Sunglasses brand Schwood has been serving up major style for a few years now, and your guy won’t be able to get enough of the brand’s sports-themed sunglasses. Not only are they ridiculously stylish, but these shades are made from Louisville Slugger bats. Your baseball lover will jump for joy when he lays eyes on these.


Franklin Shoot Again Basketball Net, $43.49

Were your man hopes of joining the NBA shattered when he realized he’s not quite tall, fast or talented enough? That’s a shame, but you can stroke his ego as you cheer him on while he plays with his Franklin Shoot Again basketball net. He can attach it to his dorm room, office room or bedroom and relive his NBA dreams all over again.14043_37

Peak Ultimate Fitness Tracker, $149.99

Maybe your sweetheart prefers playing sports more than he enjoys watching them. In this case, the Peak Ultimate Fitness Tracker is a good way to go. Whether he’s on the go or sleeping like a baby, the watch, dubbed one of the most sophisticated on the market, will provide a comprehensive report of his body’s movements, so he’ll be able to tailor his performance or sleep habits for optimal health.jpegwTCH


Wilson X, $199.99

Back to those basketball dreams. In the case that your guy is serious about improving his skills, there’s the Wilson X. He’ll have a blast for hours as this uber-technological basketball works with an accompanying app to break down his basketball skills. It will track his shooting performance and analyze the data so he can amp up his game.

Stanley Cup Popcorn Popper, $99.99

If your love is a hockey fan, he will absolutely love the Stanley Cup popcorn popper. Sleek and sophisticated, his boys will love coming over for a popcorn fest as they regale each other with stories of their glory days. An unconventional gift for sure, this is one he’ll keep forever.thumb


Gift your guy one of these awesome gifts and he’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand well until next year.