We all have them on our lists. They’re family members, friends, and co-workers. They’re nerds and nearly impossible to buy a present for. But have no fear! Shopping for nerds and geeks is a lot of fun. Here is great list of 10 Geeky Gifts Every Nerd Will love.

Hoverkraft Levitating Construction Challenge

Hoverkraft is an old-school building game with a twist. Players take turns stacking pieces on a platform… that levitates. Using magnetic repulsion, we’ve built a game board that defies gravity (take that, weak force!). Stack translucent game pieces higher and higher or remove them as the die dictates. The last player to place a block without causing the platform to tumble wins.



Build On Brick Mug

Have your coffee and build it too!
Compatible with most construction bricks
May cause distraction at morning meetings


Exclusive Rubik’s Cube Fridge

It’s a Rubik’s Cube… for your food!. Does not actually turn, of course. This cube is forever unsolved



Latitude Longitude Cufflinks

There are some places and times that are forever captured in your memory—the spot you and your sweetheart first kissed, the unforgettable place where you were married, or the earth-changing moment when a child is born. Now, imagine being able to carry such a moment with you always.

Latitude Longitude Cufflinks

Star Wars Darth Vader Toaster

The alarm goes off. Vader gets up, stretches, and slogs out of bed. He puts on his Star Wars Fleece Robe and his Darth Vader slippers, and heads to the kitchen. Of course he enjoys a cup of Dark Side Roast, but Vader never, EVER starts his day without some toast made in his Star Wars Toaster. And all this inside his meditation chamber! Now you can have a Star Wars Toaster of your own (meditation chamber not included)…

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

All major chords are recorded from a real electric guitar, and allows you to strum just like you would a real guitar. The included mini amp clips to your belt and gets plenty loud with great sounding amplification circuitry. The tone knob on the amp lets you adjust the sound just like a real guitar.


Star Wars Han And Leia Bathroom Hand Towels

Geeks understand the importance of towels. And sometimes two geeks get together and live in the same house. Know what that leads to? Towel fights.1521_sw_han_leia_hand_towels_inuse

Super Heroes Comfy With Sleeves

Make Him your Super Hero, Made of soft, thick, luxurious fleece with oversized loose fitting sleeves.51cFnmxaNUL

Batman Glow in the Dark 3 Pack Panties

The evil criminals of Gotham will not wait for you to have clean laundry. Your bat suit may get more than one use per wash, but your mother told you to never leave the house in dirty underwear. Crimes can happen any day, any second, and a girl has to have options.


Playing Cards For Developers

Thoughtful and fun, the ‘You Complete Me’ Jigsaw Puzzle is a unique gift that bears sentiment for years to come.
This heart-shaped puzzle is constructed of wood heat-pressed with a cubism-inspired pattern
and would be the perfect present for boyfriends.codedeck-playing-cards-11541